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Updated: Jan 23

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I hope you're enjoying your summer and getting plenty of time to relax and enjoy some fantastic books. While we've been in quarantine, I spend as much time as possible in the garden soaking up the sun and tending to my vegetables. My latest novel, Rescued by Valan, is scheduled to be released the second week in September and I am so excited! This is hands down my favorite book I've written. The chemistry between Valan and Bridget is INSANE--you're just going to have to read it and see;)

Rescued by Valan When one pirate captain falls, another rises to take his place. The newest pirate captain of Clan MacNeil is thirsty to prove himself. When Valan goes in search of treasure, he stumbles across something else he did not expect and may have bitten off more than he was prepared for. Bridget MacKay is young, beautiful, and in desperate need of help. Something about her manages to capture his attention, and makes Valan reconsider his vow of bachelorhood once and for all.

**TEASER** Valan shook his head. "I already told ye it was a game. I dinnae want the kiss unless it’s real.”

Bridget's heartbeat quickened, and before she could stop herself the words came tumbling out. “What if it is? What if I wanted tae so badly that it hurts? What if it felt like I was dying of thirst, and yer lips were the only thing that could revive me? Would ye deny me then?”

If you're interested in receiving an ARC copy, please fill out this google form and I'll get back to you ASAP! As a special thank you. everyone who participates will get special bonus content from me--including a love letter from one of my Barra captains.

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Stay safe, everyone! I'll pop back into your inbox as soon as it's available for preorder. I've also got more teasers and a giveaway I want to share with you!

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