Rescued by Valan is Available for Pre-Order

Updated: Jan 23

Hey There! has finally started, and Rescued by Valan is available for pre-order! I am so completely in love with the characters in this novel, it's going to be an emotional release day;) The book goes live on September 8th, and I'm counting down the days until that happens.

While I've been blissfully wrapped up in the world of my pirate captains, there have been some other amazing releases by some of my author friends.

If you like pirates, wait till you check out Candace Osmond's breathtaking time travel romance series. Candace also has a gorgeous Instagram where she posts pictures from Newfoundland, Canada. I follow her myself, and it honestly brightens my feed every single day:)

The other release I wanted to share with you is by Hildie McQueen. In addition to having a simply phenomenal cover, this story is a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to get myself a copy, and I'm sure you'll love it too. Hildie will be doing a special Facebook live THIS Saturday to talk about this book. I'll be there, will you? ;) That's all from me this month! I'll give you another shout out the week before Rescued by Valan releases and have a special giveaway.

Happy Reading!

- Jen